Saturday, March 18, 2017

Do You Know About MFISH?

General distribution of common carp in Montana based on
MT FWP fisheries data

The Montana Fisheries Information System is a database which compiles not only all of Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks fisheries data but also restoration projects, river closures, sampling locations, public lands, and much, much more.  All of this data has been available in raw form for years but now you can search and display just about anything you can imagine in GIS form.  You can export these maps, manipulate them, and utilize just about every kind of data FWP has collected.

You've got to check it out to really see how cool it is.  Click the "Generate Map" button after you've performed your search to get a map with the results.  Then, you can add and manipulate layers like you can do in Google Earth or ArcMap.  Have fun!