Monday, October 24, 2016

Missouri River autumn magic

Missouri River Morning

We spent the weekend in wonderful Craiglandia, Montana and it was fabulous.  The trout were huge, hungry, and acrobatic.  They even took my mind off my new carp obsession for the first time in months.

The Craig Bridge

The trees were hanging on to the last of their color, the weather was great, and the fishing was off the charts.

MO Brown

A couple of nice browns were hooked in between the onslaught of huge rainbows. We fished double sowbug short leash in shallow water and could not stop catching fish.  Then, I noticed some orange swimming around in the back part of a seam.  I threw a streamer at it and this happened:

Two rare occurrences, a picture of me on the blog and a huge kokanee salmon in the Wolf Creek area. 

So, I guess some kokanee occasionally make it over the dam and into the river.  This was the biggest kokanee I've ever caught.  We saved it from a lonely death.  He's going into the smoker!

Kokanee kype.  Look at those teeth!!

Nose to nose.

Fall is flying by.  Don't let it slip through your hands.  You've got months of football and cabin fever ahead.  See you in the field!

Governor Bullock and Butte come together to protect public lands

Montana Governor Steve Bullock speaks to a crowd about his efforts and promise to protect public lands and access.

The transfer of Federal land to the states and the protection of Montana's great Stream Access law have taken center stage in this election cycle.  Governer Bullock came to Highline park in Butte last Friday for a short rally.  Folks from the George Grant Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Highline Hunters and Anglers, other groups, and concerned citizens enjoyed a nice day in Butte and a visit from our most public lands freindly gubernatorial candidate.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Clark Fork Coalition Fall volunteer opportunities

Fall field season is here...

Help us squeeze in the last few projects of the season! We need volunteers to assist with cleanups, fall plantings, and getting kids excited about the river. So bundle up and come enjoy the changing colors and crisp air while working to protect Missoula's favorite river!

1) Reserve St River Cleanup:
Friday, October 14th:1-3pm and/or 3-5pm

Help remove tons of trash from the floodplain near the Reserve St bridge during this unique river cleanup. This is CFC's 4th year of partnering with the Water Quality District and the Poverello Center to remove abandoned encampments from along the river. We need lots of hands for this event... last year, volunteers cleaned up over 3 tons of trash! Contact Katie to learn more or to sign up!

2) Dry Cottonwood Creek Restoration Workday: 
Saturday, October 15th: 7am-3pm

We're looking for 2 or 3 volunteers to help put the finishing touches on a large-scale restoration project on the Clark Fork Coalition's ranch property near Deer Lodge. Volunteers will be planting willows and other native riparian vegetation. Transportation from Missoula provided!

3) Volunteer Educators:
2016/2017 School Year
It's back to school time! Throughout the school year, we'll be looking for help with teaching watershed science to kiddos in Missoula and beyond. Contact Katie to learn more about how you can help!
To get involved, contact Katie at or (406) 542-0539 ext. 212. If you haven't done so already, please fill out a volunteer application
(Pictures and info were copied from an email)