Friday, May 12, 2017

Vision from the past

Bud Lilly's Anglers' Retreat

Came across this scene in Three Forks last week.  It's all run down and seemed vacant.  Kind of cool, kind of sad.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fly fishing for carp in Montana presentation today - by me!

Tonight at 6 pm, I will be giving a presentation on the fun, joys, and heartache of fly fishing for carp at the George Grant Chapter of Trout Unlimited Annual Meeting.  The presentation will start shortly after 6 and will be in the conference room.  Come have a beer and learn about one of the most underutilized and fantastic fishery in SW Montana!!

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Christine's Makeover Part 3: A New Begginning

Christine is reborn!

It was a ton of work and it took a bit longer than anticipated but the great boat makeover is over!! She had her second "maiden" voyage on the Big Hole River yesterday.  I was too excited about it to actually take good pictures but you can expect more to come.

Click here for the before pictures. 

Inside back after interior paint with doors and seat benches removed

The back deck got a non-slip additive in the final coat of paint to make it a great casting platform and the dog doesn't slip all over the place anymore. The entire floor surface also non-slip.  All wood surfaces received at least 3 coats of marine spar varnish and are glowing again.  They look even sexier than ever with some patina.

Inside front after interior paint with doors and seat benches removed

Shiny, stinky, and beautiful!  We accidently picked a different color for the inside this time.  It has a light blue tint which I love.  It looks a lot cleaner and more boaty than the old color.

Finished boat, ready to fish!

Here is a crappy picture I took while we were loading up to float in the morning.  You can see the floor system, the doors are back on, and the new rower's seat is installed.

The boat looks better than when it was brand new.  This is the first major overhaul since I first built it 8 years ago.  I beat the absolute crap out of this boat and now she's ready for a bunch more.  Some of the work I had to do this time, I should have done when I built it. So, it was a much larger project than it would have been otherwise.  While wooden boats do require some love every couple of years, it's absolutely worth it.  Even if you didn't build your boat, you'll still get a great feeling when you see how gorgeous your boat looks on the water after some winter love.

There will certainly be better pictures of this posted soon...

Friday, April 28, 2017

Carp art!

Custom carp painting on leather mounted in a net

Check out this cool fish art my girlfriend got me for my birthday.  It is painted on leather and strung into a wooden net with fly line.  The artist said it was her first carp.  She got the hysterical, I'm about to freak out, carp eye and face perfectly.  Awesome!  She usually paints trout and salmon and her work can be found on her facebook page and on Instagram Pulham Paintings (@pulhampaintings).